Film & Vinyl Application

This isn’t your 80’s film and vinyl, and we are not talking about photographs and records. In the early 80’s, film transfers had a bad reputation for falling off the garment more often than not.

Thankfully, due to awesome new materials and adhesive formulas, film has become a reliable solution to many cresting projects, such as customized names and numbers.

Film is light weight, and the plotter cut edges are super clean and sharp, making it a great option for performance fabrics.

We also offer “Super Grip” film, which can overcome the repellency surface of rain gear.


         1.25″               4″               6″              8″               9″
Cad Cut$5.95$6.95$7.95$8.95$9.95



Film Names  Short  SurnameLong   Surname
     $10.00     $15.00


Short Surname 8 letters or less

Long surname 9 letters or more