Fusion Application

A unique solution for small volume orders, as well as performance wear.

This process is a digital transfer application that utilizes an ultra-fine granular substance obtained from plastisol ink. It is applied to a specially formulated transfer sheet and then transferred directly to the garment.

Capabilities range from sports uniforms to marking metals for long term identification.

Fusion produces extremely light weight and durable results, and is ideal for quick turn-around sport uniform orders.

As a guide, a small fusion logo is 2″ x 4″ and a medium logo is 3″ x 9″


Quantity Small Med
Q12-23 $8.95 $12.95
Q24-49 $7.95 $11.50
Q50-99 $6.95 $10.75
Q100-199 $5.95 $8.95
Q200-499 $5.50 $7.95
Q500-999 $4.95 $7.50
Q1000+ Spec Quotation
Fusion Set Up $40.00 $50.00
Exact Repeat $20.00 $25.00