The following guidelines are designed to provide a smooth process for business interaction.

Placing orders:

The following methods of communication are acceptable for order placement. Email, Telephone conversation, and In person.
We will not be responsible for orders or changes or adjustments made to orders through voicemail or Text messaging.

Delivery times:

Product delivery times can vary. Factors such as point of origin, stock availability, replenishment dates, embellishment requirement, order volume, and season activity can all affect delivery time frame. Featured items and basic products generally reach completion within a two- to three-week time frame.

Basic products such as t-shirts, sweat tops, hoodies, performance wear, corporate wear, and some team uniforms can often be produced in 1 – 2 weeks. Please plan your order requirement and allow as much time as possible.


Rush Orders:

Rush service is available, and some orders can be completed within 24 hours. These orders are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Factors such as air freight, overtime rates, and additional costs are reviewed in order to offer the best possible price.

Customers Goods:

Stadium Sportswear Ltd. Does not embroider, silkscreen or embellish customers products. We only logo what we sell.

Product samples:

Stadium sportswear understands the value of viewing physical products prior to ordering. pattern style, color, fit, and fabric texture all factor into your product selection. Naturally, with thousands of products to choose from, we are not able to keep inventory of all product style samples. In order to provide samples for review, we suggest the following steps to assure your selection is accurate. Although the following process does extend delivery time, it also ensures order accuracy.


Step 1. Product Images – Our sales representatives will provide high quality images of sample products for your selection. By reviewing these images, a preliminary selection is made. At this stage, a price agreement must be determined in the form of quote acceptance.


Step 2. Sample Review – Upon selecting a product from the visuals provided and acceptance of our quoted price, we will order in a product sample in the color you intend to order, which will allow you to verify the product structure, color, fabric, and design. If the product meets your expectation, we proceed to step 3.


Step 3. Size Samples – Upon sample review and selection confirmation, size samples will be provided in the color of your choice in order to ensure accurate fitting. All samples will be used in your order.

Shipping fees will be quoted in step 1.


Showroom Samples:

Samples of Stadium sublimated uniforms and spirit wear basics are available for loan. Size samples can be picked up and or delivered and signed out with a credit card as security against the product. For a delivery fee based on our delivery fee schedule, we can deliver the size samples to you usually within 12-24 hours.


Deposits on orders:

Orders require a 50% deposit at the point of ordering, with the balance payable upon completion of the order. Accounts that have been established with our accounting department will have terms of payment defined on the invoice. N30 requires payment within 30 days of the invoice date.



Upon completion of an order, you will receive a copy of the invoice. This copy acts as your notification that your order is complete. Late payments will be subject to interest.


Unpaid invoices will open a case for resolution. Unresolved invoices will be sent to Collections and will be billed out at cost plus collection fees and a $100.00 administration fee penalty.


Production Errors:

Production errors can include inaccurate quantities, sizes, colors, irregular product manufacture, and substandard embellishment. Substandard product, accuracy errors, and returns are reviewed quickly, and a resolution is pursued immediately with the highest urgency.

Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order if there is an inaccuracy.